rebel light

Vexica today announced their partnership with Rebel Light, bringing Vexica’s exciting new range of British manufactured Architectural LED Lighting to Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Rebel Light is a Nordic distributor of architectural light with a great entrepreneurial spirit that started in 2011 and today Rebel Light employ 13 people, 17 with Control Dept, and 21 total in the company group. With offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo and Copenhagen, they supply high performance lighting products for commercial and public projects with lighting designers as the main customer.


“The Nordic design community define our operation and we’re experiencing a frequently growing demand of dynamic lighting solutions” says Rickard Lundell, Managing Director of Rebel Light, “Vexica match up perfect to this task both in product and know how”.


Always working with the best toolkit for the Scandinavian lighting design community, Vexica are a natural addition to Rebel Lights range of partners, with Vexica’s patent pending new range of products offering some exciting new opportunities for this market.

Rebel Light work closely with Control Dept. to build, commission and program lighting control systems, and Vexica expect the first installation featuring their products to be completed by the close of 2019.


“We look forward to working closely with Rebel Light in the Scandinavian territories” says Andrew Litter, CEO of Vexica, “with Vexica sharing Rebel Light’s passion and commitment to high performance products, this partnership offers great potential for both parties”.