The Vex-Midline-Media LED luminaire is designed to provide architectural pixel control for effects and media.

The luminaire is manufactured from powder coated extruded aluminium and has plug and play IP67 rated interconnect for ease of installation.

LED pixel pitch is 50mm and the pixel dimension is 20mm using a unique soft diffuser to create a subtle but effective pixel point in RGB.

This led product uses the latest in pure white RGB technology from Nichia.

The luminaires are linked together and fed with both data and power accordingly.

This product can be controlled with either ARTNET data signal (from a remote ARTNET 1020 driver) or FLO Wifi controllers. For smaller installations, users can use our FLO iOS app to provide both pre-set control of the lighting installation. Users can use the iOS app interface to choose colours, whites, scrolling scenes or pre-programmed effects stores on a remote controller on the SD card.


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Electrical Data

    LED Drive Current (MA) 24 VDC

    Driver Type Constant Voltage

    Power (Watts) 1.6 per 270mm

    Operating Temperature -10°C to +50°C

Optical Data

    Number of LEDs 5 per 250mm

    Beam Angle (Degrees) Homogenous Pixel 120°

    LED Type RGB TRI CHIP Nichia


Mechanical Data

    Dimensions 38.25 x 39.30mm

    Weight (KG) 0.250 per 270mm

    Ingress Protection IP20, IP67

    Finishes Available Black Powder Coating