Finish: White PU Resin
Profile Dimensions: 16x15mm
Max Chain Length: 4.8m
Formats: 2400K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K
Binning: 3 SDCM
Storage Temp in Deg C: -25°C to 85°C


Our flexible top view PU encapsulated LED luminaire with a
cross section of 16mm wide x 15mm deep. Allows for bending
in a top direction.
Minimum Bend radius = 150mm
The luminaire is designed to be clipped in place with stainless
steel fixing clips (upto 6 per M). Can be supplied in lengths up
to 4814mm.
It is provided with IP67 plug in male/female connectors.
(not cuttable, manufactured lenghts to order)

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Electrical Data

    LED Drive Current (MA) 24 VDC

    Connections Multipole Connector

    Power (Watts) 6,10,15 per Meter

    Input Voltage 24 VDC

    Operating Temperature -10°C + 50°C

Optical Data

    CRI 80

    Beam Angle (Degrees) 110°

    LED Type 3 SDCM

    LED Colour White

Mechanical Data

    Dimensions 16x15mm

    Ingress Protection 67