Latest MIDILINE luminaire now with dynamic RGB and optical control

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Vexica are now offering another version of their popular VEX-MIDILINE to provide RGB dynamic format with wide angle optical control for direct view. The VEX-MIDILINE-SQR-RGB-O comes with a choice of frosted front lenses and clear end cap options. The product is ideal for RGB chasing dynamic effects. The luminaire is suited to; – Architectural detail… Read more »

Latest down light available in high power and low glare

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vex-70-dl no1

The latest addition to Vexica’s down light range is brilliantly seamless with a removable magnetic front bezel to allow fixing wings to extend. This allows the unit to be ceiling recessed or used in the CAN mounting accessory. The VEX-70-DL recessed down light is a compact LED fixture which enables low glare lighting with minimal… Read more »

Dynamic pixel DIN rail mount driver

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After extensive internal R&D program Vexica are pleased to announce the VEX-ARTNET-1020. Vexcia’s newest driver has been designed especially for pixel LED solutions. This includes the successful VEX-MINILINE & MIDILINE ranges. The driver communicates with the installation control system by Artnet. This allows larger amounts of data to be transferred over CAT5 cables and has… Read more »

VEXICA now offering the perfect pixel for dynamic lighting

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pixel lights

The newest driverless DMX pixel in Vexica’s product range makes colour change dynamic lighting easy. A choice of flat lens, TIR optical beams or opal dome version ensures flexibility in creating the required effects. Frosted domes are also available. Each pixel can be individually addressed in a string of up to 125 units which in… Read more »

What is a remote phosphor luminaire?

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In general all white LEDs are blue ones with a phosphor coating on the top. This phosphor absorbs the blue light and then emits white light. This phosphor is bonded directly on the blue LED chip. In a remote phosphor system the phosphor is suspended mechanically above the blue LED emitting surface and recycles extracting forward and recycled… Read more »

New VEX-MIDILINE-SQR available in dynamic chasing RGB

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The new VEX-MIDLINE-SQR has been designed for architectural detail lighting with efficient optical lenses. Available in single colour temperature options: 2000K, 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K & 5000K. This unique luminaire is also available in dynamic chasing RGB offering unlimited options for amazing effects and great possibilites for wall grazing, wall washing, facade and display… Read more »

New options now available on successful remote phosphor linear

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Linear Remote Phosphor LED Strip

Vexica’s DOMELINE-RP is now available in two new options. A shorter length of 150mm now offers greater flexibility when using the unique click together system. The product is now also available in a 2700K 90CRI colour option. The DOMELINE-RP has been hugely popular due to its delivery of smooth even light output with wide radial… Read more »


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The VEX-MINILINE-SQR is a new mini linear LED product designed and manufactured by Vexica to suit cove lighting, outdoor architectural detail lighting, display lighting and wall grazing. The luminaire is available in two options VEX-MINILINE-SQR-DYNAMIC & VEX-MINILINE-SQR-TIR. (With or without optics) The Dynamic version is suitable for chasing RGB effects. The standard version outputs a… Read more »

VEXICA release Remote Phosphor based linear LED luminaire

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Cove & task lighting like no other… With the advent of LED technology providing energy efficiency, innovation has been stagnant for sometime. Cold cathode solutions provide radial smooth light output as does conventional fluorescent lighting but come with their downsides. Many LED products have been designed around standard LED technology but they usually result in… Read more »


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LED Ceiling Tile replacement

The new VEX-TILE is a replacement ceiling tile luminaire for suspended ceilings. Manufactured from sheet steel and finished in a white powder coated finish with a removable panel allowing easy access to wiring and emergency battery packs if needed.  Utilising the latest high efficiency mid power LED technology, the VEX-TILE is the perfect replacement for… Read more »