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Vexica are now offering another version of their popular VEX-MIDILINE to provide RGB dynamic format with wide angle optical control for direct view. The VEX-MIDILINE-SQR-RGB-O comes with a choice of frosted front lenses and clear end cap options. The product is ideal for RGB chasing dynamic effects.

The luminaire is suited to;
– Architectural detail lighting
– Display
– Rear exit cabling options
– Clear end caps for end to end mounting

The luminaire uses efficient RGB tri chip SMD LEDs with a tight pitch providing a homogenous light output from the light emitting surface. Robust anodised extrusions allow for this product to be manufactured in a variety of lengths up to 2m long. Input leads from a remote dynamic LED driver allow connections for DMX512 / ARTNET control to the LED strip. Sprung steel fixing clips are available for ease of installation.

vex-70-dl no1

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The latest addition to Vexica’s down light range is brilliantly seamless with a removable magnetic front bezel to allow fixing wings to extend. This allows the unit to be ceiling recessed or used in the CAN mounting accessory.

The VEX-70-DL recessed down light is a compact LED fixture which enables low glare lighting with minimal visual impact. This unit provides excellent high power capabilities utilising the latest LED technology available.

The downlight requires a remote LED driver. Driver options include switched, TRIAC , 1-10v and DALI and DMX
Fully CNC machined aluminium heatsink with integral aluminium Bezel can be anodised or RAL powder coated to suit installer requirements.

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After extensive internal R&D program Vexica are pleased to announce the VEX-ARTNET-1020. Vexcia’s newest driver has been designed especially for pixel LED solutions. This includes the successful VEX-MINILINE & MIDILINE ranges.

The driver communicates with the installation control system by Artnet. This allows larger amounts of data to be transferred over CAT5 cables and has an advantage over DMX of being able to send multiple universes over one cable. The driver can control up to 1020 RGB pixels (depending on cable centres), the number of universes can be split across the pixel address configuration. The device IP address can be set on each driver along with the amount of pixels connected in a string.

The unit outputs to Vexica’s PixelCom protocol and will drive up to a maximum 1020 pixels. This can be split across multiple outputs from the device. There are 2 x RJ45 output connectors each of which can supply 4 PixelCom outputs.

Set up is done via software (PC or MAC OS) and connected via a USB port to the LED driver for the devices initial setup and monitoring. This sets up the Start address, MAC address and the No. of pixels connected to the driver for system configuration. Factory presets can also be applied on special request.

The driver has a micro SD card slot to provide firmware updates or preloaded sequences for simple stand alone modes. The unit can be fed with 12-48 vdc for through wiring of power and data is fed to the pixel strings from the outputs.

This driver packs a lot of smart new technology into a small package. Find out the full specification and download a data sheet.

pixel lights

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The newest driverless DMX pixel in Vexica’s product range makes colour change dynamic lighting easy. A choice of flat lens, TIR optical beams or opal dome version ensures flexibility in creating the required effects. Frosted domes are also available. Each pixel can be individually addressed in a string of up to 125 units which in turn creates stunning effects ideal for facade lighting.

The VEX-PIXEL-RGBW-DMX contains 1 x RGBW quad chip LED designed for pixel applications. The module uses a RGBW DMX low voltage input making this a driverless pixel with only data required from a DMX source and 48 VDC power input.

Manufactured from anodised Aluminium the VEX-PIXEL-RGBW-DMX works perfectly in high ambient temperatures. The finish is hard wearing and environment resistant AA25 anodised in either matt black or matt silver.

Fixing is achieved via 2 fixing points to the rear and optional fixing plates are also available.
– Facade lighting system
– Individually addressable ‘pixels’
– DMX 512 compatible
– Direct feed DMX and 48 VDC
– Link up to 125 pixels in a single string


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In general all white LEDs are blue ones with a phosphor coating on the top. This phosphor absorbs the blue light and then emits white light. This phosphor is bonded directly on the blue LED chip. In a remote phosphor system the phosphor is suspended mechanically above the blue LED emitting surface and recycles extracting forward and recycled photons as white light.The phosphor recipe is mixed to provide the colour temperature. As the blue light passes through the phosphor they are converted in to smooth homogenous white light with excellent colour consistency. This provides an unparalleled linear lighting product with energy efficiency levels and low shadow conversion in like standard LED products

Here we compare the VEX-DOMELINE with a typical linear LED to explain further;

Remote Phosphor vs Standard LED Linear

Remote Phosphor DOMELINE vs Typical LED Linear Luminaire


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The new VEX-MIDLINE-SQR has been designed for architectural detail lighting with efficient optical lenses.

Available in single colour temperature options: 2000K, 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K & 5000K.

This unique luminaire is also available in dynamic chasing RGB offering unlimited
options for amazing effects and great possibilites for wall grazing, wall washing, facade and display lighting. This unique version of the Midiline-SQR has the ability to control every tri-chip RGB LED for unique control or the functionality to map the clusters of LEDs to a single DMX address. This can be programmed at the driver level in increments of a single LED! This function allows for bespoke DMX address mapping thus reducing the number of control channels required.

Linear Remote Phosphor LED Strip

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Vexica’s DOMELINE-RP is now available in two new options. A shorter length of 150mm now offers greater flexibility when using the unique click together system. The product is now also available in a 2700K 90CRI colour option.
The DOMELINE-RP has been hugely popular due to its delivery of smooth even light output with wide radial beams. Designed using the latest off state white remote phosphor the unique effect is a tubular look in the off state. The light effect is a totally homogeneous beam with no LEDs seen whatsoever

Product key features


For full information on the VEX-DOMELINE-RP and to download a data sheet click here.


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The VEX-MINILINE-SQR is a new mini linear LED product designed and manufactured by Vexica to suit cove lighting, outdoor architectural detail lighting, display lighting and wall grazing. The luminaire is available in two options VEX-MINILINE-SQR-DYNAMIC & VEX-MINILINE-SQR-TIR. (With or without optics) The Dynamic version is suitable for chasing RGB effects. The standard version outputs a homogeneous monochromatic effect and the TIR version uses optics for wall grazing.

The VEX-MINILINE is available in a range of white LED colour temperatures and RGB or RGBA formats. The product has options for clear, frosted or remote phosphor lenses (single colour whites only). The product has multiple beam angle degree options or wall wash lens with clear covers. The luminaire uses efficient mini SMD LEDs with a tight pitch providing a homogenous light output from the light emitting surface.
Robust anodised extrusions allow for this product to be manufactured in a variety of lengths up to 2m long. Sprung steel fixing clips are available for ease of installation. Input leads from a remote constant voltage LED drivers allow connections for dimming control such as, 0-10v, DALI or DMX.

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Cove & task lighting like no other…

With the advent of LED technology providing energy efficiency, innovation has been stagnant for sometime.

Cold cathode solutions provide radial smooth light output as does conventional fluorescent lighting but come with their downsides. Many LED products have been designed around standard LED technology but they usually result in hot spots that create multiple shadows. In this situation designers have utilised diffusing layers that curb the spotting effect but add inefficiency in terms of power consumption. This method can be acceptable but also comes with potential pitfalls of inconsistency of colour temperatures from batch to batch and lower light outputs.

One of the problems has been creating a smooth, consistent radial beam pattern wide enough to replicate tubular light sources in displays and coves.

So Vexica decided to innovate and improve the existing technology from the ground up!

To achieve this we utilise a technology called “co extruded remote phosphor technology”. We then couple this with a cluster of blue LEDS tuned to a tight wavelength criteria optimised for phosphor conversion techniques. We then house this in a robust extruded profile with some clever connections. This now delivers smooth, even light output with wide radial beams, with additional colour consistency and energy efficiency unparalleled by any other methods in LED lighting.

The result is truly spectacular…

How you use them is just down to pure imagination!

Product key features


LED Ceiling Tile replacement

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The new VEX-TILE is a replacement ceiling tile luminaire for suspended
ceilings. Manufactured from sheet steel and finished in a white powder
coated finish with a removable panel allowing easy access to wiring and
emergency battery packs if needed.  Utilising the latest high efficiency
mid power LED technology, the VEX-TILE is the perfect replacement for T8
or T5 fluorescent fixtures at approximately 50% energy savings.

Also available with driver options to include control methods such as;
emergency lighting, dali dimming, motion sensing corridor DIM.  The use
of some of these features creates an even quicker payback period if the
luminaire is controlled or dimmed as and when required.

1200×600 & 1200×300 also available.

Custom sizes available upon request.